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Selling your home in Dallas can be both emotionally challenging and time-consuming.

Strangers will come into your home, find faults in just about everything, and probably attempt to make you lowball offers.

Fortunately, you can avoid all that by selling to “We Buy Houses Dallas” companies such as Dewitt and Dewitt.


Top 3 Deadly Sins of House Selling and How Dewitt
and Dewitt Can Help You Avoid Them

1. Being Emotionally Attached

If you decide to sell your Dallas home, you should start thinking of yourself as a home seller and businessperson rather than a homeowner.

However, that’s easier said than done.

You need to look at the transaction from a purely financial perspective to distance yourself from the emotional aspects of selling the property.

At Dewitt and Dewitt, we can help you avoid the problem of being emotionally attached to your property by making a cash offer.

If you accept our offer, you can have the money within as little as 7 business days thus relieving you from all the emotions.

2. Hiding Major Problems

The buyer’s inspection will uncover any problem with your property, so it is pointless to hide it.

You can either decide to fix the problem ahead of time, list the property at a normal price but offer the buyer a credit to address the problem,

or price the property below market value to account for the problem.

If you decide to work with our company, hiding flaws in your property is not something you need to worry about.

At Dewitt and Dewitt, we buy properties all over Dallas as-is (i.e. in any condition) for cash if you accept our offer.

3. Not Preparing for the Sale

If you fail to clean and stage your Dallas property before selling it, you are basically throwing money out the window.

If you are unable to hire a professional due to financial constraints, that’s okay, but you can still do a lot on your own.

If you fail to do these things not only reduces the sale price but can also mean failing to find a buyer at all.

For instance, if you have not addressed minor problems such as a broken doorknob, a potential buyer may start wondering

whether your property has other major issues that you haven’t addressed too.

If you choose to work with Dewitt and Dewitt, you will never have to worry about preparing your house for the sale since we will buy it as-is.

You never have to worry about fixing or repairing anything or even renovations. We buy houses in any condition.

Final Thoughts

we buy houses in DallasIf you are planning to sell your Dallas property, you need to make sure that you avoid the 3 deadly sins of house selling discussed here.

The best way to avoid all these sins and still get an excellent cash offer for the property is by working with

“We Buy Houses Dallas” companies such as Dewitt and Dewitt.

We have helped many other sellers in the same situation you find yourself and you can be sure of getting an excellent offer from us.

Just call us using the number provided or fill out the form provided and one of our representatives will get in touch with you shortly.

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